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Swept up in The Great Tumblr Purge of 2018, I come back home after 11 years!
Gallery run under two "identities":
SFW = PltnmGhost (Myself)
NSFW = Shoooohhhh (Characters are 18+)
I hope you guys enjoy the work : D

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I go by Pltnm06Ghost in most circles, and for about five or so years I hid behind the "Shoooohhhh" psuedonym for my NSFW art. You can probably surmise from that bit of info that I'm primarily a SFW artist first and foremost. Hentai is something I just do for fun and I'm not too keen on having the "porn artist" label slapped on me. I see myself as some dude who draws cool stuff, which sometimes turn out lewd. I've come to accept my pervy side as a part of who I am in recent weeks, so I thought I'd give merging both my identities a shot. Granted I'm only open about smut with my close friends. That may change one day, but I dunno ;u;

As for my interests? Quite varied actually. For starters, I FREAKING LOVE FIGHTING GAMES!! Especially those of the SNK variety, which isn't as popular as most other games. While I'm a sucker for the genre, I'm into quite a lot of other stuff like Nintendo, SEGA, classic Capcom, Namco, Team Ninja, etc. Then there's my fixation on anime, which I'm selective with and mainly hound for the stylishly cool kind I enjoy drawing sometimes. Ditto goes for my interests in the martial arts and kung fu cinema in general. I'm quite simple-minded and take an interest in new things I haven't tried that is mentioned to me in convos.

I wouldn't wanna drag this introductory post for too long. So I'll just say that it's good to be back here after being absent for over a decade. Feels all right seeing things haven't changed much at all here. Fingers crossed I manage to build an audience here like I have over at Tumblr. Starting from zero always feels intimidating, but I hope I enjoy my stay here.

Here are my current commission prices as off 2020!